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Official qualifications by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

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The Strategic management of Cybersecurity

Enhance your management skills in Cybersecurity. Enroll in this unique Master in Spain.





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More than 50 official VET qualifications

Your official degree with the most disruptive educational method:

3D/AR simulators

360 Environment 3D/VR

Interactive lessons

Multi-device environment

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Official distance vocational training:
Official titles of TVET and Higher Degrees

UNIVERSAE Institute of Higher Education is positioned as the leading teaching group in Spain, US and Latin America, offering the largest training offer of TVET qualifications on the market.

Officiality of the degrees by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Estudia tu FP en UNIVERSAE y obtén una official title By the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Más de 50 titulaciones oficiales de Formación Profesional


Train as a Technician in one of our official Intermediate Degree titles.

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Higher Degrees

Choose from our wide range of Higher Degrees and train as a Higher Technician.

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Double Certificate of Higher Education

Exponentially develop your professional skills, increase your employability potential and opt for a better incorporation into the labor market by studying a Double Degree in FP.

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Specific Master

If you are a Top Technician, enroll in our specialization master's degrees and obtain 45 ECTS.

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Featured Degrees

Emergency and civil protection

Emergencies and Civil Protection distance learning VET

Security and environment

Obtain the specific skills to develop as a professional trained to intervene in emergencies caused by events or catastrophes caused by various risks.

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Network configuration

Microcomputer Systems and Networks VET

IT and Communications

Learn to set up equipment, set up and dismantle computer networks, carry out the wiring of installations or even configure servers.

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Administration and Finance Certificate of Higher Education

Administration and Management

Learn to lead financial and management operations in the most competitive and global scenarios with the most demanded cycle in the business world.

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The digital transformation of TVET

An innovative educational experience, updated and completely adapted to the needs of the labor market and the digitalization and transformation that companies are felt sensing.

Educational ecosystem virtual

Big Data + Artificial Intelligence

Flexible assessment

Disruptive educational model

Incubator for professionals and companies

Quick entry into the world of work

Beneficios para los alumnos de UNIVERSAE:

Internships in companies

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En UNIVERSAE contamos con more than 20,000 conventions con empresas nacionales e internacionales donde podrás realizar tus TVET practices de forma garantizada.

¡Gana experiencia en entornos reales incluso antes de obtener tu titulación oficial!


Cursos de especialización

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Amplía tu formación en una materia concreta dentro de tu grado. Obtén tu acreditación al finalizar, avalada por la empresa que lo imparte.

¡Fórmate para dar respuesta a todas las innovaciones que se producen en tu sector!


Portal de empleo de UNIVERSAE

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Te abrimos nuevas oportunidades para dinamizar tu empleabilidad con más de 14.000 ofertas diarias a nivel nacional e internacional.

¡Te facilitamos todas las herramientas necesarias que te permitirán satisfacer tus expectativas y motivaciones!



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Accede a experiencias prácticas presenciales voluntarias en instalaciones dinámicas y polivalentes de última generación, adaptadas a las necesidades que demanda el mercado.


TVET scholarships and grants

UNIVERSAE has Scholarships for Vocational Training and study grants so that you can study your vocation and access the job market with the best guarantees.

Get information to have the necessary economic flexibility so that enrollment does not put a brake on your training.

Becas FP y Ayudas al estudio
Convocatorias de becas para FP
Homologadas por el Ministerio de educación
Mayor flexibilidad económica
TVET Scholarships

Opinions about UNIVERSAE

Hear directly from our students how to UNIVERSAE (is enriching its academic and personal development. Go to the transformative power of UNIVERSAE (through the integral growth of our educational community.

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Featured Post about TVET

Discover the most complete and current Middle grades FPHigher Degrees, Double Degree, Master's degree vocational education and on education more moderna, digital and disruptive of the market.


What is the TVET? All you need to know

The time has come when you think about what the next step in your studies is. What is the TVET? In the educational field, the acronym TVET refers to the initials of Vocational Training (TVET). Its definition refers to a system of official teachings of different studies with which to provide learning oriented to labor insertion. We tell you more below!

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Validate TVET subjects

One of the options most demanded by students in recent years is to study a TVET due to the advantages it presents. Among the best known is the validation of subjects. What is? How many TVET subjects can be validated? Solve your doubts with UNIVERSAE.

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TVET with more exits

According to the latest SEPE report, the labor insertion of graduates in Vocational Training rises every year. Among the TVETs with the most professional opportunities, we can find multiple sectors. UNIVERSAE has the largest training offer on the market in Intermediate and Higher Levels. Discover your professional future!

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That rely on UNIVERSAE (for the development of your training



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Specialized in each of the professional areas



And managers of companies are working to UNIVERSAE (annually



Sector collaborate nationally and internationally

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