At UNIVERSAE we offer you several types of scholarships for Higher Degrees and Intermediate Degrees with which you can start your professional training more easily.

FP Scholarships and Grants

UNIVERSAE puts at your disposal FP SCHOLARSHIPS AND STUDY AID so that the payment of your tuition is not a
impediment in your professional development


We have plans for Scholarships for Intermediate Degrees, Higher Degree and Double Degree to make it easier for our students to
access to complete, advanced and up-to-date training.


Thanks to greater economic flexibility, UNIVERSAE students will be able to improve their personal and professional expectations.

Our team of advisers is at your disposal to guide and advise you on everything you need. You can contact us by completing the following form.
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Scholarships for Vocational Training

If you are interested in pursuing a vocational training degree, you should know that there is a wide variety of FP SCHOLARSHIPS that you can apply for. Here we tell you all the details so you can choose the one that best suits you:


The UNIVERSAE SCHOLARSHIPS are equivalent to a discount on the amount paid by the student for enrollment in the first year.

These FP Scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships, promotions and/or discounts provided by UNIVERSAE.


Si perteneces a la comunidad educativa de UNIVERSAE, tendrás la opción de seguir ampliando tu trayectoria. Estamos a tu disposición para ofrecerte una asesoría a través de la cual conocerás cómo potenciar tu carrera profesional estudiando en Estados Unidos.


Access to university in the united States is a unique opportunity. The american university system is characterized by being one of the most prominent around the world. ¡Te asesoramos para que des el salto a Estados Unidos!

Filled this form y contactaremos contigo para informarte de todos los detalles.

UNIVERSAE is an Official Vocational Training Institute and therefore its students can take advantage of the vocational training scholarship system granted by the Ministry of Education.


If you are interested in consulting more information about the MEC Scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education for Vocational Training students (Year 2022/2023) you can do so here.


Students residing in Madrid can also avail themselves of the FP Scholarship program that the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid makes available to students at authorized private Vocational Training centres.


Some of the requirements requested is that students must be under 35 years of age (in the case of those enrolled in the first year, those who enroll in the second year must be under 36 years of age), and be enrolled in a face-to-face cycle of Higher Degree in a private center authorized by the Community of Madrid as UNIVERSAE.

Vocational Training Scholarships

To benefit from the scholarships for Higher Degrees you must meet a series of requirements of a general, economic and academic nature.


As for the general requirements For the approval of the scholarship, it is necessary to have Spanish nationality or to have it in force in any country of the European Union or permanent residence, accrediting it with a self-employment or third-party job in Spain. In addition to not having a degree equivalent or superior to the studies for which the scholarship is requested.


The financial requirements for Vocational Training scholarships in middle grade studies, they take into account the income of the family unit as well as the assets, return on capital or capital gains. Ask us for information and we will provide you with the exact amounts to benefit from these grants for fp studies.


As for the academic requirements You must have passed your Baccalaureate studies and not be repeating the current course. In addition, it will be mandatory to enroll in the entire course.


Scholarships for Middle Grades follow the same methodology as those for Higher Grades, but with certain changes. The requirements mentioned above must also be met.


There are some general requirements that oblige the applicant for the scholarship to have Spanish nationality or of some EU country. At the same time not have any degree higher or equivalent to the studies for which the scholarship is requested.


The financial requirements they influence the amount of the scholarship, giving greater facilities to those family units that show they have few economic and/or patrimonial resources. Ask us for more information on this point and we will send you a table with the scales.


Attending to the academic requirements For the Intermediate Degree scholarship, it will be essential to have passed the ESO training stage. In addition, it is mandatory to enroll in the full course and not be repeating the current course. The average mark obtained in previous studies will be assessed.

UNIVERSAE remains in continuous commitment to society and is aware that scholarships are a fundamental part of an active policy that facilitates inclusion, permanence and educational promotion of young people and the unemployed.
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