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Discover a new educational model based on EdTech: UNIVERSAE (is the digital transformation of the TVET. Recognised by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Spanish and international recognition for the Hague. Innovation in education quality.

UNIVERSAE (it is a new model of education that breaks with the traditional, immersing the student in his/her future career through virtual and augmented reality. UNIVERSAE (assumes a digital transformation and technology of the TVET thanks to its new educational model and its commitment to innovation. The disruptive UNIVERSAE Method provides the student a training simulator 3D, virtual reality and reality risesto. But, what is it really?


UNIVERSAE (merges technology and education, giving as a result a learning easier, practical and real. This method offers something very different to the traditional education at a distance; thanks to the e-learning platform most advanced on the market, UNIVERSAE360the student learns to dynamically and, in addition, you can reconcile their personal and professional lives with his education, including his time with the personalized advice of consultants teaching/as that will track your progress training.

UNIVERSAE account with the higher educational offer of the market, formed by degrees to be Medium-Grade and Top Grade, Double Degrees and Masters degrees. All the courses offered are official by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, English and have international recognition by the Hague.


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Middle Degrees


The Professional Training of Intermediate Degrees is booming, and every day increases the number of job offers that require this level of education, training students in the performance of a profession is very specific. Study TVET has become, in addition, in a discipline for access to other titles of Top Grade, for a comprehensive training that will open the doors to the student to a future with a multitude of job guarantees.



Higher Degrees


In UNIVERSAE (the degrees of Higher Degrees they are very practice-oriented and, therefore, their professionals are highly demanded in the labour market. This allows the student the possibility of getting a job, quickly adapt to any type of responsibility within the company. In addition, the duration, lower than other types of study, allows a fast integration in the labour market, thus leading to gain experience ahead of schedule. The study of a TVET of Degree Higher you will not have limits on the time to continue learning new things, as you'll be able to study any other degree or even access to higher university studies. You'll be ready to lead jobs of greater responsibility and, therefore, you are eligible for a higher salary compared to an entitled Middle Grade.



Double Degrees


UNIVERSAE included in your offer educational studies TVET Double Degree, in which the student obtains two official titles in less time with its corresponding labor practices. 90% of the professionals that choose to pursue a Double Degree of Higher Grade, finding work at the end of the academic year, or even before, which makes this option the curriculum in training highly advantageous and positive with high rates of employability.



Master's Degrees


The Masters Professional they are oriented to a specific specialization, from the previous study of certain degrees of Higher Degree related to the Master in question. Thanks to the official titles of Professional Master's degree UNIVERSAE (, the student will be able to develop in a vocational major, which will open its doors in the labour market.


Do you need information? 

UNIVERSAE (gives you personalized advice through academic advisorswho will be at your disposal to solve any doubt and without any commitment.


If you want, you can choose yourself the day and time in which you would like to get in touch with you or, if you prefer, you can call directly in the time you want on your phone +34 919 033 434.


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