What is the TVET? All you need to know

Has come this moment that you think what is the next step in your studies. What is TVET? Sure you've heard of the TVET, well, what is it? In the field of education, the acronym TVET refers to the initial Vocational education and Training (VET). Your definition makes reference to a system of official teachings of the different studies with the aim to provide learning-oriented labour insertion. Do you want to know more? I have below!

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What is the TVET and why study it. We solve your doubts!


Choose what training you will attend is an important decision that has no age. The curiosity and the desire to learn can satisfy a variety of forms and the TVET is one of the most direct, as it provides knowledge that immediately connects with the professional practice. In this post, we clarify the question of what is the TVET.


¿What it means to TVET in the education system? These qualifications provide the knowledge indispensable to those who play the professional competences of jobs in very diverse areas, such as Administration and Management, Health and Trade and Marketing, as well as Chemical, Cultural Services and the Community, among others. In UNIVERSAE there is a total of 13 professional areas in which you can develop your professional future.


In this post we have a number of peculiarities about the Vocational Training, which also foster greatly the personal development of the students. Similarly, in the TVET is very much aware of the technological advancements, with the goal that the students are always at the forefront and addressing the changing environment in which we live. Continue to read to expand your knowledge about what is PR and why you should include it in your training path:


1. Con el foco principal en contenidos prácticos

All the Vocational Training qualifications possess a high percentage of practical contents. The “know-how” is critical for successful completion of the studies that have been chosen. In this way, you'll have enough experience to confront the reality of the complex world of work. In addition, with the support of the theoretical content, always focused on the practical requirements job, you'll have the skills necessary to demonstrate what you've learned.


2. Specialization through updated content

If what you really want is to stand out among other candidates and that your CV call the attention on the processes of selection, to complete a bachelor of Professional Training, you will become a very eye-catching. There is a wide selection of courses whose curriculum design are oriented towards the high qualification in the niches of different sectors. You will have a knowledge of detail is very valuable. To know what is the TVET you can't forget the specialization provides learners as differential characteristic.   


3. Via direct to the world of work

As you can see, the Professional Training makes your education is channeled directly to a job and perform competently and effectively. The current demand in the various sectors is paying special attention to the professionals who have completed satisfactorily TVET. It is for this reason that at present the figures of the labour insertion of these degrees are on the rise.


Now that you know more about what is PR and why you should study it, we continue delving into the available levels and what you can find in UNIVERSAE.




Levels of titles of TVET


Already have a few brush strokes about what it means to TVET. Delving into this type of studies, which are part of the official education verified by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, we found several options that students can take.


· What is the TVET Middle Degree?

Are titles of training required to perform jobs which require of a theoretical learning and practical. If you complete a TVET Degree, will open the doors to other cycles of TVET mid-Grade, advanced vocational training and high school. In short, the training cycles of Middle Grade are training routes, which provide the training to get a technical degree. According to the regulations that establish the LOE and the LOGSE, a Training Cycle of Average Degree has a duration of 2,000 hours, which are distributed in two academic courses. I'll tell you everything in the following lines!


· What is the TVET Higher Degree?

This type of studies TVET Higher Degrees they have access to, mainly, the students who have completed a bachelor of TVET mid-Grade or those who have completed study high school. These titles top grade are intended for a student who wants to achieve all the skills above practical to enter the world of work so qualified. As happens in the TVET of Degree, depending on the rules that establish the LOE and the LOGSE, a degree of Superior Grade has a lifespan of 2,000 hours, which are commonly distributed in two academic courses.




Why choose UNIVERSAE for your TVET?


In UNIVERSAE we put at your disposal one of the biggest training offer training on the market because we want you to prepare for the world of work in the most efficient way possible. For that reason, all our degrees of training are designed with the purpose of you becoming the best professional of a current form adapted to the times. I stay in UNIVERSAE!


· Study what you like

You can pursue the degree that is most suited to your future. We have a total of 13 professional areas in which there are securities of Medium Grade, Top Grade, and Master's degrees. Also, you can participate in a broader programme forming part of a double degree


· Get your official title online

All of our programs are certified by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Spanish and have the international recognition by the Hague. Gives you the jump on your future career as an official and recognized in Europe.


· Learn on the platform more innovative

With the use of environments 360, augmented reality and simulator 3D, you will have all the tools to learn so immersive and real. Our Institute of Higher Education has the means of most advanced in EdTech.


· Plan your time according to your availability

Plan your time and get your degree. Have the impulse control of your career.



Ahora sabes mucho más sobre lo que significa FP. En pocas palabras, con tu plaza en Formación Profesional conseguirás diferenciarte, adquirirás las destrezas imprescindibles en el ámbito del trabajo y te especializarás en lo que de verdad te apasiona. Incluir en tu itinerario formativo una titulación de Formación Profesional dará potencia a tu perfil, más si cabe si complementas tus estudios con uno de nuestros cursos de Especialización FP, maximizando así tus posibilidades de éxito a la hora de entrar al mercado laboral.


If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our academic advisors, who shall attend to your requirements and provide you with all the information needed to move forward in your training. You can request further details on the contact form of our web page, via WhatsApp or in our social media profiles.


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