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UNIVERSAE (puts at your disposal a space where they facilitate the access to knowledge, information, communication and self-expression, fundamental aspects for the successful development of a good external image and internal workings effective. In it, you can find data and indicators about our institution and the different areas in which it carries out the development of your activity.

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Stay up to date of all the news which they are occurring in the industry and discover your true calling in the world of Professional Training.

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Get the latest news and everything that is happening in UNIVERSAE: incorporation of new programs at our training offer, shares, corporate social responsibility news about our international expansion, signing of new agreements with the most important companies in the sector and much more.

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Attend face-to-face or online to a multitude of events on our campuses spread around the world and masterclass taught free of charge. Acquire new professional skills and extra-large hand professionals and experts active in the sector.

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