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Double Certificate of Higher Education distance learning


What is a Double Degree?

UNIVERSAE includes in its educational offer the studies of Double Degrees of Formative Degrees.

90% of the professionals who choose to pursue a Double Degree in Higher Education find a job at the end of the academic cycle or even before, which makes this curricular option a highly advantageous and positive training with high percentages of employability.

UNIVERSAE offers you a more complete, specialized, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training thanks to its offer of Double Degrees of Higher Education. Exponentially develop your professional skills, increase your employability potential and opt for a better incorporation into the labor market.

Why study a Double Degree?

Companies require more and more trained professionals, with a complete development of their competencies and who provide security, practice and knowledge in their jobs.

Studying a Double Degree of FP, will be a double bet on your development, both for your training and for your professional preparation, and with a lower cost in time and money.

The Dual Degree VET studies allow savings of up to 25% of teaching hours compared to doing both studies separately.

Multidisciplinary professional profile

Lower economic cost

Greater differentiation from other professionalss

FCT Internships

For complement your Dual FP Degree and that you go to the market with the best guarantees, UNIVERSAE (you have Training in Work Practices (FCT) and more than 20,000 agreements and conventions of collaboration with the most relevant companies and organizations in the sector.

TVET Internships

Access requirements

Podrás acceder a la Doble Titulación FP a través de dos vías: superando la prueba de acceso a Grado Superior específica o mediante acceso directo.

For direct access, you must comply with at least one of the following requirements:

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Intermediate Vocational Training Certificate

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Baccalaureate degree

Icon requirements

University degree or equivalent

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University entrance exam for people over 25 years of age

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What is the duration of a Dual Degree?

The training plan of Dual Degree studies in FP was created in 2006 with the update of the Organic Law of Education (LOE), but has undergone a remarkable development in recent years due to a high and growing demand from students. By studying a Double Degree you will obtain 240 ECTS and two different, official and fully accredited qualifications for each of the cycles that make up your Dual Degree studies in VET.

Due to the high competitiveness of the labor market and opting for any of the Double Degrees that we put at your disposal, you will get an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest and add more value to your professional profile, thus multiplying your skills and knowledge. The studies of FP Double Degrees allow students to increase their chances of finding employment while reducing the study time, becoming the most advantageous option in this sector.

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Professional outings of

The Dual Degree of FP creates multidisciplinary profiles more attractive in the market, being a type of training that allows to improve the skills and competences of the student, facilitating their labor market insertion.

The underlying demand within this field will expand the student's options by providing a flexibility of career opportunities that covers more than one sector. This professional profile is highly valued by companies due to its high specialization; 95% of graduates find employment after completing their studies, or even before.

Students of a Dual Degree will multiply their knowledge and enrich their training process. The common thematic points between both degrees guarantee a more complete and broader vision of the field studied, which leads to a saving in time by obtaining a more complete specialization.

TVET scholarships and grants

UNIVERSAE has Scholarships for Vocational Training and study grants so that you can study your vocation and access the job market with the best guarantees.

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Get information to have the necessary economic flexibility so that enrollment does not put a brake on your training.

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Select your professional area of Double Degree FP

Todas las Dobles Titulaciones
  • Todas las Dobles Titulaciones
  • Hostel and Tourism
  • Trade and Marketing
  • IT and Communications
  • Health
  • Administration and Management

Double Degree Tourism Guide, Tourist Information and Assistance + Travel Agencies and event Management

Hostel and Tourism

Plan, promote and inform about territorial tourist destinations. Or lead the creation and implementation of local development plans and activities, among others.


Double Certificate of Higher Education: Marketing and Advertising + Management of Sales and Commercial Spaces distance learning

Trade and Marketing

Experience the strategy of the business model and the preparation of a retail marketing plan and its application in physical points of sale or e-commerce.


Double Certificate of Higher Education: Multiplatform Application Development + Web Application Development distance learning

IT and Communications

Get the skills to merge the labour market as a qualified professional in one of the areas of computer most sought-after of the moment.


Double Certificate of Higher Education: International Trade + Transport and Logistics distance learning

Trade and Marketing

Get two official titles of superior grade in just six semester of the same family but with a special focus on specific aspects of the trade.


Double Certificate of Higher Education: Pathological Anatomy and Cytodiagnosis + Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory distance learning


Become a professional in one of the sanitary areas are in greater demand, and work in research centers, laboratories and many more.


Double Certificate of Higher Education: Administration and Finance + Management Assistance

Administration and Management

I have works alongside managers and work teams, where the quality of labor relations and the promotion of cooperation will be key when optimizing a brand.

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