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Double Certificate of Higher Education: International Trade + Transport and Logistics distance learning

  • Modality
    From distance
  • Duration
    4000 horas
  • Price
    Desde 136€/mes*
  • Convocatoria
  • Convalidación
    Hasta 2 años*

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Why enroll in a Double Certificate of Higher Education distance learning with UNIVERSAE?

Official qualifications by the Spanish Ministry of Education and TVET

International recognition

Evolution of teaching based on edtech

E-learning model

Educational experts and active in the sector

OpenUNIVERSAE. Incubator for professionals and companies

Professional outings of Double Certificate of Higher Education: International Trade + Transport and Logistics

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Technician in trade or foreign operations

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International sales and marketing technician

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Purchasing and Logistics Import Manager

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Transport company manager

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Commercial transport services

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Logistics technician, coordinator or operator

Access requirements

To access a Double Certificate of Higher Education you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of a Baccalaureate degree, BUP, COU or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes

Having passed the second year of any type of Experimental Baccalaureate

Be in possession of an Intermediate Vocational Training degree

Be in possession of a Higher Technician, Specialist Technician or equivalent degree for academic purposes

Be in possession of any University Degree or equivalent

Having passed the University Orientation Course (COU)

Have passed the access test to Higher Degree (minimum age 19 years)

Having passed the entrance examination to the University for over 25 years

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Double Degree FP in International Trade + Transport and Logistics


4000 horas

Administrative management of international trade Economic and financial management of the company International transport of goods Itinerario personal para la empleabilidad I Inglés profesional Storage logistics Módulo optativo I Second foreign language International negotiation Means of international payment International digital trade International Marketing Market information system Administrative management of transport and logistics Marketing of transport and logistics Supply logistics International funding Itinerario personal para la empleabilidad II Digitalización aplicada al sistema productivo Sostenibilidad aplicada al sistema productivo Módulo optativo II - Comercio Internacional Proyecto intermodular - Comercio Internacional Organization of passenger transport Organization of other transportation services Módulo optativo II - Transporte y Logística Proyecto intermodular - Transporte y Logística


UNIVERSAE offers you the largest training offer on the market
Elige entre nuestros programas tecnológicos oficiales
Learn in a virtual educational ecosystem integrating immersive technology, gamified activities and 3D simulations.
100% digital and constantly updated content
Responding to the needs of the current labour market.
Educational technology | edtech
Enrichment and practical application of tools that help improve learning.
Disruptive educational model
Apply game dynamics to achieve your goals.
Expert and active educators
Train alongside the best professionals in the sector.
A space of more than 65,000 m2 distributed between Spain and Latin America, which contributes to promoting employment through experience.
International presence in Spain, USA and Latin America
UNIVERSAE has its own first-class facilities in the main cities of each country.
Labor insertion
Agreements with the most advanced companies in the international arena. Become one of the most demanded profiles by companies.

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre la Doble Titulación Comercio Internacional + Transporte y Logística

¿Comercio y logística qué es?

El comercio es un concepto que engloba acciones económicas de compra y venta de productos o servicios y que se sirve de la logística para el desarrollo de sus actividades principales como la obtención de materias primas, la transformación durante la producción y la distribución.

¿Comercio y logística internacional, de qué trata?

El comercio internacional es el conjunto de actividades económicas que conllevan un intercambio de bienes o servicios entre compañías de diferentes países y que conforman la exportación e importación. La logística, por su parte, son todas las operaciones que permiten el consumo final de un producto desde la obtención de la materia prima hasta la producción y distribución alrededor del mundo. Ambos conceptos se relacionan y alimentan entre sí.

¿Qué habilidades se necesitan para trabajar en Comercio Internacional, Transporte y Logística?

Además de formarse de manera teórica y práctica en la Doble Titulación Comercio Internacional y Transporte y Logística, el alumno debe contar con habilidades concretas como la facilidad para el dominio de idiomas, la capacidad comunicativa, dotes para negociar e iniciativa en la toma de decisiones.

¿Cuánto gana un especialista en Comercio Internacional + Transporte y Logística?

El salario medio de un especialista en Comercio Internacional + Transporte y Logística se encuadra en torno a los 30.000 euros al año dependiendo de su experiencia previa o la responsabilidad del cargo que ostenta, que suele ir aumentando con el tiempo de vinculación a la empresa.

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