UNIVERSAE offers you the chance to attend eventos y masterclass gratuitas en cualquiera de nuestras sedes repartidas por todo el mundo.
Will you be able to do it both in person and online, depending on your location or preference. 


Welcome to UNIVERSAE Meet and Talk!

If you are reading this, it means that you are committed to continuous learning and your training. Therefore, from UNIVERSAE we help you by offering you totally free and interesting webinars so you can increase your knowledge and be aware of the most current issues.


Be a UNIVERSAE student for a day!

The UNIVERSAE Open Days are open days in which you will live the experience of being a UNIVERSAE student for a day.
The decision about what to study is an exciting moment as well as a crucial one. That is why you can visit our campuses accompanied by any friend or family member. Also, in these conferences we will serve those people who want to continue promoting their career with the training they have always wanted to take.
We anticipate that the Open Days are full of surprises. It will be a day to remember!

Connect with UNIVERSAE

UNIVERSAE offers you this complement to its wide range of training, which will allow you to acquire new skills from the hand of most relevant companies on the national and international scene and active experts in the sector.
Thanks to these sessions you will be able to know the current situation of each sector, share your opinion, interact with other colleagues from around the world and network with companies and individuals.



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