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The most of 90,000 m2 that make up the campus UNIVERSAE located in Spain, United States and Latin America, are spaces that represent the cutting edge of the technological innovation in higher education. The student UNIVERSAE (have at your disposal facilities dynamic and versatile of the latest generation, which are constantly updated with the deployment of the latest trends and tools.

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Safety and Environment Vocational Training facilities

The campus UNIVERSAE in Murcia has classrooms with exclusive remedies for a theorical-practical and most of 7,000 m2 field of practice dedicated exclusively to the students of the Emergencies and Civil Protection distance learning VET and Emergency Coordination and Civil Protection Certificate of Higher Education . Of the hand of the best professionals of the sector, students UNIVERSAE (practice drills and experience real-life scenarios as to who will face-off after the completion of their training.

Situations such as rescue at height in a structure of 3 floors, water rescue in the swimming pool of 25 meters or an intervention of emergency with a real helicopter, will be those that the learner will encounter in order to develop plans of safety of people and property is very close to reality.


Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles Vocational Training facilities

The campus UNIVERSAE (in Murcia with more than 2,500 m2 exclusive workshops reserved for the learning of the students Degree in electrical Engineering and Automotive Certificate of Higher Education, whose goal is to train the best professionals in the world of the engine. Through a methodology eminently practical tools and professionals with extensive journey in the sector, students complete their learning with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Access to motors exclusive like Ferrari and Lamborghini, to visits to the workshops of the most recognized brands and learning through immersive environment and dynamic, foster the development of the knowledge and skills demanded by the market today.

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Cybersecurity Vocational Training facilities

With a teaching methodology “learning-by-doing”, the students learn through the training in real-life scenarios in UNIVERSAE Cybersecurity Lab: an educational space of 500 m2 with the latest technology that offers them the best tools in the Master's in cyber security UNIVERSAE (.

In this lab include resources such as a supercomputer computing to cybersecurity with 12 GPU cards NVIDIA RTX 4090 with a capacity each of analyzing 122 million passwords in 48 minutes, a laboratory for forensic analysis, a meeting room, and analysis, a center of cryptanalysis and an area of operations of hacking, to form big professionals in cybersecurity with the preparation most up-to-date in the industry.

Related degrees

Automotive Certificate of Higher Education

Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance

It organizes, programs and to monitor the execution of maintenance operations, as well as the corresponding logistics in the Automotive sector.


Electromechanics of Automotive Vehicles VET in Murcia

Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance

Performs maintenance, assembly of accessories and transformations in the mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and electricity of the automotive sector.


Coordination of Emergencies and Civil Protection Certificate of Higher Education distance learning

Emergency Coordination and Civil Protection Certificate of Higher Education

Plans and intervenes in emergencies and civil protection actions and humanitarian logistics, guaranteeing the safety of people and goods.

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