Middle Degree in Emergency and Civil Protection

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Como profesional titulado podrás intervenir operativamente en emergencias provocadas por sucesos o catástrofes originadas por riesgos diversos (naturales, antrópicos y tecnológicos), tanto en entorno rural y forestal como urbano, realizando las actividades de control y extinción de los agentes causantes de dichos sucesos (fuego y agua, entre otros). El ciclo en Emergencias y Protección Civil te capacita, además, para el rescate, salvamento y atención a personas afectadas en tales circunstancias.

¿Por qué matricularte en Emergencias y Protección Civil con UNIVERSAE?

Professional opportunities of the Middle Degree in Emergency and Civil Protection

Forest and/or airport firefighter

Se precisa de un perfil que sea capaz de actuar ante situaciones de emergencia, accidentes o catástrofes. Destacan funciones de prevención y extinción de incendios dentro del recinto de los aeropuertos. El Grado Medio en Emergencias y Protección Civil te prepara para que puedas acceder a este puesto de trabajo.

forest fire watcher

Is the person in charge to monitor thoroughly the assigned area, so that it can immediately detect the possible forest fires that occur. Some of the features that you must have are having a good view, be in physical form and have good capacity to maintain attention and concentration that the job requires.

Municipal and provincial services firefighter

Has as its mission to always be vigilant and attentive to attend and collaborate in the service of emergency or disaster in which the life or property of the community are in danger. It is a branch within the professions of the Average Degree in Emergency and Civil Protection and depend on the Autonomous Community in which they perform their activity.

Firefighter of other services in public entities

Play activities learned in the area of Emergencies and Civil Protection, such as providing information about the correct security measures, the steps to be followed during emergency situations. Can perform information visits to educational institutions to teach the little ones about how to act in case of emergency.

Private company firefighter

This position is required in companies such as industrial parks, nuclear power plants or large complexes. It requires a profile that can take on the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the people and heritage of the institution in which they work. Acts extinguishing fires, minimizing injury and damage and to take measures for the prevention of risks of explosion and fire.

Autonomous community services firefighter

Being a post-dependent of each autonomous community, the set functions will vary in relation to the offer set. In addition to the activities of rescue and fire fighting, performed advice and information for citizens. The Technician in the Emergency and Civil Protection is trained to perform this function.

Firefighter services consortium and/or joint

This body is built by the Provincial government of each autonomous community and its municipalities. Ensures the protection of persons and property within the territory, against any accident as a result of any risk that may occur. May require previous experience or have completed qualifications related to the Average Degree in Emergency and Civil Protection.

Armed Forces Emergency Technician

Podrá desempeñar sus funciones como especialista en emergencias que requieran de la intervención de las fuerzas armadas, en inundaciones, terremotos u otros fenómenos, contribuyendo así al bienestar y seguridad de los ciudadanos, conforme a lo establecido por la Ley Orgánica de Defensa Nacional.

Foreman in charge of forest fires extinction

He develops his professional activity in the surveillance and detection of possible forest fires, as well as other situations of danger in the forest environment. Involved in the management of the prevention of risks in your area, collaborating with different operational teams responsible for the natural and rural environment. The average Degree in Emergency and Civil Protection enables you to access the output of work.

Access requirements

To access a Middle Degree you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) title or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes.

Be in possession of a Basic Vocational Training qualification (FPB).

Having passed the compulsory modules of an Initial Professional Qualification Program (IPPP).

Be in possession of the title of Auxiliary Technician or equivalent or higher for academic purposes.

Haber aprobado la prueba de acceso a Grado Medio.

Haber aprobado la prueba de acceso a la Universidad para mayores de 25 años.



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