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Especialízate en el montaje y mantenimiento de infraestructuras, de telecomunicación en edificios, instalaciones eléctricas de baja tensión, máquinas eléctricas y sistemas automatizados. En este Grado Medio también complementarás tu formación con la especialidad en IBM SkillsBuild, a través de la cual desarrollarás habilidades blandas, competencias digitales y tecnológicas.

Why enrol in UNIVERSAE's online Middle Degree in Electrical and Automatic Installations?

Professional Opportunities for Technicians in Electrical and Automatic Installations

Electrician installer and maintainer

<p>This position is in high demand because its development is crucial to provide basic service to the entire population. Among some of its functions, it could highlight those related to the installation and maintenance of machinery, equipment repair, or the verification of the operation of the installation. The Degree in Electrical Installations and Automatic distance you will be able to this professional output. </p>

Construction electrician

<p>Possess prior knowledge of electrical installations will be a requirement to keep in mind for this job, as well as skills demonstrable in the field of communication and the vocation of service. As a Technician in Electrical Installations and Automatic, you will be able to develop their professional activity in small and medium-sized companies or for their own account or for third parties. </p>

Installer and maintainer of home automation systems

<p>It is a profile very specialized. In addition to possessing the knowledge of FP and Power Facilities, Automatic, previous experience demonstrable it will be important for this job. You could develop tasks such as the control of the programming of the air conditioning, the study of zoning of the effect of the air conditioning of the house or to carry out the quality control.</p>

Industrial electrician

<p>The willingness to manual tasks, many of them learned in Electrical Installations and Automatic distance, it is a requirement to qualify for this job, since the most common tasks that can be developed, ranging from the design, installation and maintenance of wiring, up to the other as the solution of electrical problems.</p>

Antenna installer and maintainer

<p>This professional is engaged, among other functions, the placement of tv aerials and satellite dishes. For the implementation of these tasks requires a profile with good communication skills, with skills and manual skills and basic number. Your degree of FP Electrical Installations and Automatic it will help you to position yourself in the selection processes of this post.</p>

Installer of photovoltaic solar energy

<p>Certified Technician in Electrical Installations and Automatic, you will be prepared to mount, repair and implement electrical systems. These tasks are more frequent in day-to-day of this profession. Working with specific tools measure and utensils, so that, the previous experience demonstrable is a snap favorable to perform this profession. </p>

Installer and maintainer of equipment and facilities telephone

<p>Installs, repairs and maintains telecommunications equipment and data transmission, cables, antennas, and ducts. It is a professional who designs and implements technology solutions and is responsible for the architecture of systems. You can work with companies that are dedicated to the maintenance and installation of facilities and infrastructures of communication.Required computer skills, ability to work in a team and responsibility.</p>

Telecommunications installer in residential

<p>You may exercise its activity in micro, small and medium enterprises. It is dedicated in its majority to the areas of installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems. This professional must be willing to work at great heights. The experience gained in Grade Medium Grade of Electrical Installations and Automatic will be favorable to access this job.</p>

In addition, with this Degree Means you'll be able to opt for higher studies of the branch in Electricity and Electronics that will provide you with curricular competencies

<p>At the end of the Degree of Electrical Installations and Automatic, you can continue your education and complete your professional profile with the highest Degree in Automation and Industrial Robotics, Top Grade in Electrical Systems and Automated, and the Higher Degree in Telecommunication Systems and Computer systems.</p>

Access requirements

To access a Middle Degree you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) title or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes.

Be in possession of a Basic Vocational Training qualification (FPB).

Having passed the compulsory modules of an Initial Professional Qualification Program (IPPP).

Be in possession of the title of Auxiliary Technician or equivalent or higher for academic purposes.

Have passed the entrance test for Middle Degree

Having passed the university entrance test for people over 25 years of age.


Middle Degree in Electrical and Automatic Installations

2,000 hours
Industrial automation
Electrical engineering
Common telecommunication infrastructures in homes and buildings
Distribution facilities
Facilities for home automation
Photovoltaic solar installations
Electrical machines
Business and Entrepreneurship
Training and Work Orientation
Interior Electrical installations
Training in Work Centers


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