Distance Higher Degrees

What is a Higher Degree?

Higher Degree qualifications are very practice-oriented and therefore their professionals are highly demanded in the labor market.


This facilitates the student the possibility of obtaining a job, quickly adapting to any type of responsibility within the company. In addition, its duration of 2 academic years, shorter than other types of study, will allow you to enter the labor market quickly and gain experience earlier than expected.


By completing a Higher Level Training Cycle you will have no limits when it comes to continuing your training, since you can study another cycle or even access higher university studies. You will be prepared to lead jobs with greater responsibility and therefore, you will be able to opt for a higher salary compared to an Intermediate Degree graduate.


UNIVERSAE offers you the largest training offer on the market, responding to the needs of its students and getting involved in their professional development. We empower and develop your skills and abilities so that you become a highly competitive professional in the world of work.

Why study a Higher Degree?

Studying a Higher Degree at UNIVERSAE will bring you numerous advantages in your professional development. We value a completely digital and innovative type of teaching based on the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills, with the main objective of training highly qualified professionals and achieving immediate incorporation into the labor market.

High percentage of employability

Quick labor insertion

Value and international character

FCT Internships

For complement your Bachelor's degree and improve your insertion in the labor market, UNIVERSAE has Training in Labor Practices (FCT) with more than 20,000 agreements and conventions of collaboration with companies and organizations of great relevance in the current scenario. 

Access requirements

You will be able to access a Higher Level training cycle through two ways: passing the specific entrance exam or through direct access.

To access directly, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

What is the duration of a Higher Degree?

According to the regulations established by the LOE and the LOGSE, a Higher Level Training Cycle has a duration of 2,000 teaching hours, which are distributed over two academic years.


Habitualmente, el desarrollo del curso lectivo se inicia en septiembre y finaliza en junio.

Professional opportunities

Any Higher Degree is mainly focused on facilitating the student a quick access to the world of work.


Eleven all the subjects that make up their training plan have been passed, the student will receive their vocational training technician degree, with which they will be able to access different professional opportunities depending on the modality or area of specialization studied.


At UNIVERSAE we promote and facilitate access to numerous professional opportunities from our extensive network of collaborating companies, highly recognized and leading in their sector.

TVET scholarships and aid

UNIVERSAE has Scholarships for Vocational Training and study grants so that you can study your vocation and access the job market with the best guarantees.

Get information to have the necessary economic flexibility so that enrollment does not put a brake on your training.

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