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Building Projects Certificate of Higher Education distance learning

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If your vocation is to draw up the technical documentation of building projects, make redefinitions of work and become an expert in the management of the document control for its implementation, the Top Grade in Construction Projects is the way to your goal. Register with us and learning in VET more innovative.


Why enroll in Building Projects Certificate of Higher Education distance learning with UNIVERSAE?

Official qualifications by the Spanish Ministry of Education and TVET

International recognition

Evolution of teaching based on edtech

E-learning model

Educational experts and active in the sector

CAMPUS23. Incubator for professionals and companies

Professional outings of Building Projects Certificate of Higher Education distance learning

Draughtsman of installations

It is responsible for developing architectural plans and structural buildings and other structures, from the data provided by other professionals such as architects, engineers or surveyors. May perform duties of realization of plans to scale, 2D and 3D, lifting sections and raised or development of graphic documentation for projects of civil works or building.

Construction model maker

Having obtained his title of senior Technician in Construction Projects, the layout team works closely with the design team, building models or models in 3D that are known as design patterns. You need a profile that possess creative skills, techniques and practices, with the ability to visualize objects in 3D and organizational.

Planner assistant

Its main mission is to make production plans, and estimate the processes and activities in less time and cost as possible. Develops the plan of work on the basis of the information provided by the rest of the agents involved in each work. Has knowledge of mathematics, ICT and demonstrates good skills of planning and communication, matters that are working to consciousness in the Higher level of Construction Projects.

Redefinitions specialist

It is professional that performs operations on which are marked all the points, challenges or blocks required on any location to build up within a project. It requires a profile qualified, with experience in work and knowledge of the construction sector.

Building energy efficiency technician

This is a place in which prior experience is required in electrical installations of buildings, such as lighting, heating or cooling. You can perform functions such as implementation of solar panels, supervision and evaluation of the efficiency of the installations of water and energy of buildings or responsible environmental management.

Building designer draftsman

Is responsible for drawing up the technical documentation, conducting surveys and redefinitions of construction works, in compliance with current regulations and the conditions established quality, safety and the environment. Valued skills such as numerical ability, spatial vision, use of new technologies and team work skills, skills that are worked in the FP construction projects.

Technical Office Manager Assistant

This professional profile plays supporting roles ranging from support for the direction of projects, to the direct responsibility of a project of the same. In order to develop their work requires the skills of planning, organization, teamwork, and effective communication.

Document control technician

This professional is essential in the business, you need a figure that is devoted to control, order and check all the documentation required for the proper functioning of any company. For this reason, we will demand skills such as responsibility, team work skills and skills administrative.

Cost control technician assistant

For the proper functioning of the company, you need a profile that control the costs of this. Among the skills required to this job, highlights the responsibility to coordinate, monitor and report on the various activities at the level of costs of each department, as well as the proper communication with the direction to move any type of information.

Building energy certification process assistant

It will take into account such factors as the title, training and years of experience to access this job. The skills that you could play are related to the collection of data during the technical certification, as well as working closely with a technical certification energy.

Access requirements

To access to the Higher Degree you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of a Baccalaureate degree, BUP, COU or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes

Having passed the second year of any type of Experimental Baccalaureate

Be in possession of an Intermediate Vocational Training degree

Be in possession of a Higher Technician, Specialist Technician or equivalent degree for academic purposes

Be in possession of any University Degree or equivalent

Having passed the University Orientation Course (COU)

Have passed the access test to Higher Degree (minimum age 19 years)

Having passed the entrance examination to the University for over 25 years



Building Projects Certificate of Higher Education


2.000 hours · 120 ECTS

Building design and construction Building structures Building installations Construction redefinitions Construction representations Energy efficiency in buildings Business and Entrepreneurship Construction planning BIM Methodology Professional foreign language Training and Work Orientation Construction Measurements and Assessments Development of projects of non-residential building Development of residential building projects Building Projects Project Training in Work Centers


UNIVERSAE offers you the largest training offer on the market
Middle grades, Higher Degrees, Double Degrees and Masters.
Official qualifications
By the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
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Learn in a virtual educational ecosystem integrating immersive technology, gamified activities and 3D simulations.
100% digital and constantly updated content
Responding to the needs of the current labour market.
Educational technology | edtech
Enrichment and practical application of tools that help improve learning.
Disruptive educational model
Apply game dynamics to achieve your goals.
Expert and active educators
Train alongside the best professionals in the sector.
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A space of more than 65,000 m2 distributed between Spain and Latin America, which contributes to promoting employment through experience.
International presence in Spain, USA and Latin America
UNIVERSAE has its own first-class facilities in the main cities of each country.
Labor insertion
Agreements with the most advanced companies in the international arena. Become one of the most demanded profiles by companies.
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