Distance Middle Degrees

What is a Middle Degree?

Intermediate Vocational Training is on the rise and every day the number of job offers that require this educational level increases, training students in the performance of a very specific profession.


Studying a Technical Vocational Training has also become a discipline to access other Higher Level training cycles, in favor of a complete training that will open the doors to the student to a future with many job guarantees.


UNIVERSAE puts at your disposal a complete range of degrees with official qualifications adapted to the needs of the labor market. Become the professional that companies demand.

Why study a Middle Degree?

Practice is one of the fundamental pillars that will make up your learning, so it will be crucial that the best companies in the sector to participate in your development as a professional, whatever the area you have chosen.


UNIVERSAE offers you agreements with companies specialized in the sector so that your incorporation into the world of work is quick and successful. Study your TVET at UNIVERSAE and access the most innovative and digitized training on the market. Gain time while you reinforce your knowledge in the area of study that best suits you.


It's the moment. Bet on your future work and get the job you always dreamed of.

Easy accessibility both academic and financial

Lower economic cost

High specialization in a particular field of study

FCT Internships

For complement your Bachelor's degree and that you go to the market with the best guarantees, UNIVERSAE has Training in Labor Practices (FCT) and more than 20,000 agreements and conventions of collaboration with the most relevant companies and organizations in the sector.

Access requirements

You will be able to access an Intermediate Grade training cycle through two ways: by passing the specific Intermediate Grade access test or through direct access. To access directly, you must comply with at least one of the following requirements:

What is the duration of an Intermediate Degree?

According to the regulations established by the LOE and the LOGSE, an Intermediate Level Training Cycle has a duration of 2,000 teaching hours, which are distributed over two academic years. Only in the case of the Intermediate Degree in Auxiliary Nursing Care, the duration is 1,400 hours.

Usually, the development of the school year begins in September and ends in June.

Professional opportunities

Any Intermediate Degree is mainly focused on providing students with quick access to the world of work.


Eleven all the subjects that make up their training plan have been passed, the student will receive their vocational training technician degree, with which they will be able to access different professional opportunities depending on the modality or area of specialization studied.


At UNIVERSAE we promote and facilitate access to numerous professional opportunities from our extensive network of collaborating companies, highly recognized and leading in their sector.

TVET scholarships and aid

UNIVERSAE has Scholarships for Vocational Training and study grants so that you can study your vocation and access the job market with the best guarantees.

Get information to have the necessary economic flexibility so that enrollment does not put a brake on your training.

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