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How to enroll in UNIVERSAE

How to enroll in your Official title in simple steps?

  1. Access and choose the qualification in which you are interested.

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  2. You can book your place por 150 €*.

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  3. Once chosen your degree, you will only have to fill in your personal data “Student data”

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  4. And choose the method of payment that best suits you among the different possibilities it offers UNIVERSAE (:

    Pay with credit card

    This method of payment is agile and secure. We will take care of the buying process cash and cash with the security that does not infiltrate, no malware. You need to provide the data of your credit card to properly perform the transaction.

    Pay with PayPal

    Using Paypal is very simple and safe. Ensures the privacy of the method of purchase and the transaction is simple and fast. To perform this form of payment, you need to be a registered user in app PayPal. You must log in and select the card you want to make the payment.

    Pay by bank transfer

    Controls the process of purchase at all times by using the transfer payment. You choose how and when to do it, always having the security that your payment has been made. You must fill in the fields of banking information as a Beneficiary, Bank, Iban and Swift Code to complete the transaction.

    Pay with Bizum

    Send money instantly with the confidence that your bank supports this type of transaction. Gives the choice of contactless payment, so you won't have to fill any extra field to send money. You must make sure that your bank account with which you're going to make the payment authorizes the option of Bizum.

    Remember that if you make the full payment of your tuition, you will get an additional discount of 10%* on the price of your degree.

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    *The 10% discount will not be applicable on payment in instalments.

  5. Realiza el pago de la reserva de tu matrícula. ¡HURRY, OUR SEATS ARE LIMITED!

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UNIVERSAE (gives you personalized advice
UNIVERSAE (gives you personalized advice

Through its team of academic advisors, who will be at your disposal to solve any doubt and without any commitment.

You can call the phone 919 033 434 or, if you prefer, choose yourself the day and time that you would like to get in touch with you.

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