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Integral Aesthetics and Wellness Certificate of Higher Education distance learning

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Directs and organizes the development of services aesthetic. Planning and performing aesthetic treatments related to the image and the well-being, and applies techniques aesthetic hydrothermal, hair removal and implantation of pigments, ensuring the quality and satisfaction of your clients.

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¿Por qué matricularte en el Grado Superior en Estética Integral y Bienestar a distancia con UNIVERSAE?

Official qualifications by the Spanish Ministry of Education and TVET

International recognition

Evolution of teaching based on edtech

E-learning model

Educational experts and active in the sector

OpenUNIVERSAE. Incubator for professionals and companies

Professional outings of Integral Aesthetics and Wellness Certificate of Higher Education distance learning


Prepare and master the art of facial and body treatments. Your main objective is to get the customer to feel at ease and satisfied with the service offered. Skill highlights the skill in the application of cleaning treatments of the skin, massage, hydration, or cosmetic applications. You can trabajar en centros de estética, salones de belleza o spas. Estudiar titulaciones como la FP Estética Integral y Bienestar a distancia te capacita para poner en práctica esta profesión.

Aesthetic appliance technician

It is one of the professions most complete within aesthetic medicine. Within its functions is to advise both men and women for their appearance and presence is the most appropriate, as well as develop their skills in treatments such as pressotherapy, rf, photoepilation or microdermabrasion. The Top Grade in Integral Aesthetics and well-being at a distance offers students a full learning about the latest technologies in the field of aestheticsso that you can develop a professional profile adapted to the labour market.

Aesthetic massage technician

The profile is highly demanded in the profession aesthetic. Requires expert knowledge in the variety of facial and body treatments, along with new techniques in aesthetic and cosmetic. Develop your career in a professional sector in continuous progress, which results in a high possibility of finding a job. Its main tasks are based on applying the skill of massage aesthetic, in good conditions of hygiene and safety.

Skilled worker in cosmetic medicine and surgery centers

The figure of Superior Technician in Integral Aesthetics and well-being at a distance is essential in a center of aesthetic medicine. Fulfilled administrative functions, prepare the room and the machinery used in each method aesthetic, and attend the professional responsible for implementing each treatment. This profession is oriented to the professional profiles that want to specialize as auxiliaries of medical aesthetic, dermatologists or plastic surgeons, among others.

Aesthetic and cosmetic consultant

It is the professional who guides the client in their search to enhance their own beauty. In the Top Grade in Integral Aesthetics and well-being to distance learning and develop the skills and techniques for advice on how to apply makeup, applying cosmetic, shaving, or combing hair. It requires a profile care, able to highlight and set the appearance of each client go to the beautician.

UV tanning specialist

Advises the client on the different tanning devices providing expert assistance to perform a treatment, accompanying them at all times during the conduct of the cosmetic procedure. This specialist can work in clinics and aesthetic centers, tanning, or in spaces that are enabled to perform these techniques of tanning.

Technical director in aesthetic companies and areas of personal image, spas and resorts

Coordinates the functions of your computer, checking that each area fulfills its function. Develops campaigns and employs marketing techniques to attract customers. You have to be up to date on industry trends and innovate the treatments offered at each facility, so as not to become obsolete. Puede necesitar un título que acredite su puesto de responsabilidad como es el Grado Superior en Estética Integral y Bienestar a distancia.

Integral aesthetic treatment technician

Es la competencia general que adquieres al estudiar Grado Superior en Estética Integral y Bienestar a distancia. This professional exerts its activity on its own account or of others, within the care industry, the personal image. At the end of the training you are trained to work on the customization of body treatments and facials, as well as your advice, taking into account the protocol aesthetic.

Specialist in hydroesthetic techniques

Master the techniques hidroestéticas and knows how to act in the application of treatments for every skin type. To do this it has to be trained in areas such as FP Integral Aesthetics and well-being at a distance. You must know how to proceed with each case, as well as advising clients regarding aesthetic treatment that is performed.

Technician in mechanical and advanced hair removal

It requires a profile passionate about the world of aesthetics and knowledge about the sector. Among its main features is the aesthetic analysis prior to recognize the possible alterations of the skin, as well as the application of techniques depilatory through electrical appliances. It might require a title as Superior technician in Integral Aesthetics and well-being at a distance for this profession.

Aesthetic lymphatic drainage technician

Its primary function is to assist and advise each client, providing relaxing treatments that will help to calm possible pains in different parts of the body. Apply common techniques and explores innovative methods to continue to attract customers. May require previous experience and knowledge in the specialty that is. Among the most common techniques to employ the massage is the use of seaweed, mud, chocolate, or oils.

Micropigmentation technician

It is located between the professions most demanded features of the FP Integral Aesthetics and well-being at a distance. This professional dominates the area of personal image and the aesthetic. To perform this job may require a specific course that will support you as a professional in the field of micropigmentation. He develops his work in the technique of injecting pigment under the epidermis of the areas of the face or body, by way of permanent makeup.

Aesthetics technical trainer

It is a professional in the field of aesthetics, which must demonstrate years of experience, as well as be trained academically in degrees as the Higher degree in Integral Aesthetics and well-being at a distance. You must be abreast of the latest trends in aesthetics. Its main function is to share his knowledge on the subject with the students that are forming, to acquire their own roles as professionals.

Access requirements

To access to the Higher Degree you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of a Baccalaureate degree, BUP, COU or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes

Having passed the second year of any type of Experimental Baccalaureate

Be in possession of an Intermediate Vocational Training degree

Be in possession of a Higher Technician, Specialist Technician or equivalent degree for academic purposes

Be in possession of any University Degree or equivalent

Having passed the University Orientation Course (COU)

Have passed the access test to Higher Degree (minimum age 19 years)

Having passed the entrance examination to the University for over 25 years



Integral Aesthetics and Wellness Certificate of Higher Education distance learning


2.000 hours · 120 ECTS

Aesthetic appliances Cosmetics applied to aesthetics and wellness Dermoesthetics Aesthetic Massage Micropigmentation Physiological processes and hygiene in personal image Advanced Hair removal Aesthetic Drainage and technical pressure English Training and Work Orientation Business and Entrepreneurship Integral aesthetic treatments Hydrothermal aesthetics Integral Aesthetics and Wellness Project Training in Work Centers


UNIVERSAE offers you the largest training offer on the market
Middle grades, Higher Degrees, Double Degrees and Masters.
Official qualifications
By the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
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Learn in a virtual educational ecosystem integrating immersive technology, gamified activities and 3D simulations.
100% digital and constantly updated content
Responding to the needs of the current labour market.
Educational technology | edtech
Enrichment and practical application of tools that help improve learning.
Disruptive educational model
Apply game dynamics to achieve your goals.
Expert and active educators
Train alongside the best professionals in the sector.
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A space of more than 65,000 m2 distributed between Spain and Latin America, which contributes to promoting employment through experience.
International presence in Spain, USA and Latin America
UNIVERSAE has its own first-class facilities in the main cities of each country.
Labor insertion
Agreements with the most advanced companies in the international arena. Become one of the most demanded profiles by companies.
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Integral Aesthetics and Wellness FAQ's

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