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Marketing and Advertising Certificate of Higher Education distance learning

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Bet employability and professionalism in one of the sectors most creative and fastest-growing in the present. Inscribe in the Higher level of Marketing and Advertising, and train with specialized tools and the most advanced software in the field of digital marketing.

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Por qué matricularte en la FP en Marketing y Publicidad con UNIVERSAE?

Official qualifications by the Spanish Ministry of Education and TVET

International recognition

Evolution of teaching based on edtech

E-learning model

Educational experts and active in the sector

OpenUNIVERSAE. Incubator for professionals and companies

Professional outings of Marketing and Advertising Certificate of Higher Education distance learning

Consulting Technician

It is a profile which is responsible for providing a professional service, providing advice to individuals or to other companies over a certain area. It is key to have a vision expert in the aim to guide the customers. The purpose is to share prompts as to enhance their activity in the field of marketing and advertising.

Survey and census agent

Through the use of different media or information and communication technologies, the goal of this professional development is focused on coordinating and controlling the process of conducting surveys or interviews of the population. Also, this professional is involved in the presentation of findings of the market research for the consequent decision-making organizations.

Assistant product manager

The functions of this specialist focus on the monitoring and the monitoring of the timeliness of the competition, the selection of products, as well as the analysis and monitoring of sales. In addition, it is essential to the support they provide in terms of writing and adaptation of fact sheets and even in the after-sales service and customer care.

Technician in marketing and/or communication departments

Dealing with, mainly, to participate in the actions in terms of marketing and advertising aligned with the corporate values. Their functions are varied and it is for this reason that they must have a broad knowledge of the business processes and the communication strategy to be implemented. Creativity is a skill that is essential.

Technician in communication and public relations agencies

This profile develops its activity in the definition, organization and monitoring of communication activities, promotional and events. Is responsible for the management of defined strategies, in conjunction with clients to meet their corporate objectives. They work in conjunction with companies external form.

Technician in media and/or advertising agencies

Forming part of an agency, impulsarás media campaigns and/or advertising for other companies. Highlight the functions of communication about products, marketing and brand. In addition, you will optimize the results of the actions steps. In this position the communication with the client is very smooth.

Technical market research and public opinion

This professional has the focus in the organization and control of the activity of the surveyors. Equally, it assists in the analysis and to obtain conclusions of the research of markets and public opinion. This position can be play by their own account, or marketing companies.

Marketing and communication events organizer

Development of tasks in which they are defined goals of the event, select the date and venue, as well as chooses to communicate the corporate philosophy is to build a unique experience. This profile has to be at the same time with a strategic character, with great skills in communication and discretion.

Data Encoder for Market Research

It takes care of the encoding of data after the definition of the categories on a particular topic of study. In this way, the information will be measurable and to detect relationships that respond to the research questions raised by the customers.

Controller of course or broadcast in the media

Are those professionals that perform the monitoring and control of the cursaje emission for the execution, in time and form, the media plan. Is responsible for the correct appearance of the elements and forms of advertising in different media and supports provided, in accordance with the frequency, time, and conditions set forth.

Access requirements

To access to the Higher Degree you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of a Baccalaureate degree, BUP, COU or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes

Having passed the second year of any type of Experimental Baccalaureate

Be in possession of an Intermediate Vocational Training degree

Be in possession of a Higher Technician, Specialist Technician or equivalent degree for academic purposes

Be in possession of any University Degree or equivalent

Having passed the University Orientation Course (COU)

Have passed the access test to Higher Degree (minimum age 19 years)

Having passed the entrance examination to the University for over 25 years



Marketing and Advertising Certificate of Higher Education


2.000 hours · 120 ECTS

English Economic and financial management of the company Marketing policies Digital Marketing Business research Field work in business research Media and communication media Public relations and organization of marketing events Training and Work Orientation Design and development of communication materials Customer service, consumer and user Launch of products and services Marketing and Advertising Project Training in Work Centers


UNIVERSAE offers you the largest training offer on the market
Middle grades, Higher Degrees, Double Degrees and Masters.
Official qualifications
By the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
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Learn in a virtual educational ecosystem integrating immersive technology, gamified activities and 3D simulations.
100% digital and constantly updated content
Responding to the needs of the current labour market.
Educational technology | edtech
Enrichment and practical application of tools that help improve learning.
Disruptive educational model
Apply game dynamics to achieve your goals.
Expert and active educators
Train alongside the best professionals in the sector.
box-3-for-that-universae (
A space of more than 65,000 m2 distributed between Spain and Latin America, which contributes to promoting employment through experience.
International presence in Spain, USA and Latin America
UNIVERSAE has its own first-class facilities in the main cities of each country.
Labor insertion
Agreements with the most advanced companies in the international arena. Become one of the most demanded profiles by companies.
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Marketing and Advertising FAQ's

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