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What is a Professional Master's degree?

The degree of Professional Master's degree are very much oriented to the specialization within a professional area and, therefore, their professionals are highly trained and qualified to develop such tasks in the labour market.


This allows the student to the insertion in the labour market or the possibility of promotion in a job, quickly adapt to the type of responsibility within the company. You'll be ready to lead jobs of greater responsibility and, therefore, you are eligible for a higher salary with an official Master's degree.


UNIVERSAE (puts at your disposal the more specialized training through their Official Master of FP, for you to develop your career in your passion within your professional area.

Why study a Master's degree Professional?

The objective of the Master of FP or Specialization Courses, is to complement the skills of those who already hold a bachelor of Vocational Training, and facilitate learning throughout the life.

High percentage of employability

Ability to lead positions of greater responsibility

Value and international character

Access requirements

To access a Professional Master's degree you will need to have completed at least one of the titles of Higher Degree related to the Master in question.


You can get more information within the website of the Master's degree that you are interested.

What is the duration of a Master's degree FP?

The Master of FP are composed by 43 ECTS, which represent between 300 and 600 hours, depending on the specific qualification of the question.

Professional opportunities

Once passed all the subjects that make up your plan of training, the student will receive a Master's degree FP with which you will be able to access a wide range of career opportunities depending on the area of specialization studied.

UNIVERSAE (promotes and facilitates access to numerous career opportunities thanks to the large number of close to, with business partners, a highly recognized and leading in their sector.

TVET scholarships and aid

UNIVERSAE has Scholarships for Vocational Training and study grants so that you can study your vocation and access the job market with the best guarantees.

Get information to have the necessary economic flexibility so that enrollment does not put a brake on your training.

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