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Our open presence. Our educational model.

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OpenUNIVERSAE it becomes a space open, flexible, innovative and without fixed schedules of classes, where they live practical experiences face-to-face voluntary promoting employability, creativity, self-improvement and team work.

The educational model of UNIVERSAE (characterized by the pedagogical innovation, the intensive use of digital tools (UNIVERSAE360), and our educational model OpenUNIVERSAE is developed in our campus international.

What is OpenUNIVERSAE?

Our degrees are taught mostly in the modality of distance through our educational environment UNIVERSAE360, which amount to OpenUNIVERSAE, space intended for also as a place of study, allowing students to make use of the meeting rooms at any of our campuses, all days of the year.


Madrid campus


Murcia Campus

Barcelona I

Campus Barcelona I

Barcelona II

Campus Barcelona II


Campus Mexico City


Bogota Campus


Campus Ecuador

San Jose

Campus Costa Rica

International mobility

The schedules of the practical experiences face-to-face voluntary carried out in all the campus UNIVERSAE (and any student of our international community you have the opportunity to enroll in any of them, regardless of their country of origin.

The main objective is to promote the international mobility within our educational community, allowing both students and expert teachers to participate in the various campuses of UNIVERSAE (to share and support these enriching experiences so, our education model gives students UNIVERSAE (, increased competitiveness, employability and higher professional vision to achieve its goals more easily into the labour market, enjoying a classroom attendance is free and voluntary.

UNIVERSAE (breaks the mold and current paradigms with a methodology based on the gamification, virtual reality, active learning and practical experiences that encourage the creativity, the overcoming, the team work and the effort.

OpenUNIVERSAE | Voluntary face-to-face experiences

Currently, the modality imposes some requirements of assistance very rigorous. However, from now, students at a distance of UNIVERSAE (have the opportunity to use the facilities of our campus as place of learning.

Each campus has a programming experiences practical face-to-face voluntary, tailored to each grade level and related to their content, which will be completely optional for the students and will be carried out with different frequencies (weekly or biweekly). These experiences are carried out by the team of teachers and technicians of every grade level and with the participation of experts and professionals active in relation to the contents which they are scheduled.

The only requirement to participate in these experiences face-to-face voluntary OpenUNIVERSAE is be enrolled in the appropriate grade. Students will have the total freedom to enroll in the experiences that interest them within your program in any of our 8 institutes in Spain and Latam. In addition, according to the lawsuit, the assistance may be extended to our alumni.

Events of Employability and Mentoring to the FP

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