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Estudia tu carrera profesional en EEUU si eres alumno UNIVERSAE

UNIVERSAE Talent is our educational program that promotes the mobility of students to the united States. In coordination with Talent and Sport, company with an established track record with the highest performance of students in universities in the united States, you will receive guidance on the application process of the scholarships.

We advise you to give the jump to the united States

Access to university in the united States is a unique opportunity. The american university system is characterized by being one of the most prominent around the world.

While complying with the academic requirements and language, we will provide a wide range of possibilities for that curses the university degree that is in tune with your career goals. We are at your disposal for any questions that may arise. We offer different sessions are individualized for you to select the program that best suits your needs.
Cada universidad expone unos requerimientos particulares que los alumnos deben cumplir. Así que, si quieres seguir formándote tras terminar tu titulación de FP en UNIVERSAE, pasa a la acción cuanto antes. ¡De esta forma, podrás process your request for the next course!
If you belong to the education community UNIVERSAE (, you will have the option to continue to expand your career. We are at your disposal to offer you a consultancy through which you will learn how to enhance your professional career studying in the united States.

Do you want to participate in this program? Get your scholarship!

Through UNIVERSAE (Talent you will have the possibility to continue learning in a multicultural context. After you finish your degree of FP officer will continue to open many doors!

Filled this form and we will contact you to inform you of all the details. This will be the start of a new stage that will determine your personal and professional experience. It will accompany you throughout the whole process!

It completes your VET and take the plunge! She continues to study in Usa with scholarship

In this session of the UNIVERSAE Meet and Talk you will receive all of the keys on the scholarship program to continue learning new things in the best universities of the united States after the end of your FP. Dale al play, and solves many of the issues about your future in the U.S.

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