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Do you still not know what to study?

Do you want to know what is the degree of FP that is best suited to you? Our test of vocational guidance it will help you to decide. UNIVERSAE (Vocation is an essential tool for the professionals of the future will find their way. Choose the titration properly is critical to achieving your employment goal in less time.

Complete your test now

Take our free vocational test in a few minutes

To complete our test of vocational guidance is free and easy. So you will only have to answer with honesty some questions about your interests and skills.

Do not worry about the time, the test duration is a few minutes.

Remember that you can do it from any mobile device.

We will help you increase your motivation, develop your talent and achieve greater personal and professional success.

It started!

Take the first step and decide which Vocational Training to study

By implementing the latest technology, UNIVERSAE Vocation it has been created by a team of multi-disciplinary experts with extensive experience in the education sector. To build it has been analyzed in depth the characteristics of each professional area and trends in the labour market, as well as the skills, values, and preferences that determine how you can develop your potential.

So keep in mind that in this test there are no wrong answers!


It will help you to take control of your future!

The results that you will receive are a useful guide for you to choose the degree of FP more relevant to you. Our academic advisors are at your disposal to help you at any time. We are concerned about the success of our students! That's why our personalized approach to learning allows our school community in your set you have the support they need to achieve their aspirations. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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