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Talento UNIVERSAE Scholarship

Call Program 100 Scholarships UNIVERSAE Talento for studies of Vocational Education and Training Course 2023/2024

In the framework of our Comprehensive Strategy of Professional Development, we published a call for 100 Scholarships for national and international students with skills in different areas and who wish to pursue studies of Vocational Education and Training in UNIVERSAE.

Academic year: 2023/2024

Date of publication: Thursday, march 9, 2023

Deadline for submission: until 30 April 2023

State of the call: closed


To facilitate the free access to studies of FP officers and a master's degree by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

To foster the skills and the talent the students of FP UNIVERSAE (.

Promote attraction of students of excellence studies of higher degree and a master of UNIVERSAE.

Recruitment of students with talent and skills to connect with the business fabric.


People of any nationality residing in Spain (students, employees, unemployed, etc.) that comply with the requirements listed in this announcement. All communications will be sent through the e-mail address [email protected].


Number of scholarships: 100 full scholarships for studies of Top Grade

Amount of scholarship: Full scholarship for graduate studies Supeior 120 STD

Casting 100 scholarships for higher degree. The scholarship will consist of:

– The 100% coverage of the tuition expenses of the credits required to overcome the chosen program (120 ECTS credits for the study of higher degree).

– The start of the higher degree will begin in September of 2023 and will have a duration of 12 to 18 months, depending on the grade.



– Tests face-to-face in our offices.

– Degrees offered: see our training offer in (35 upper grades available official).

– The term of a higher degree may be made from 12 months.

– The students will have free access to the platform of virtual lab in English.

General requirements and academic of the applicant

Students who wish to go to this scholarship must:

– Have the corresponding qualification for access to the study of Higher Grade (high school and any study of Middle Grade and/or Grade Upper, FP2 (old plan), testing, access, or any university degree), applied for, or be in a position of having completed at date of September 15, 2023.

– We remind you that the classes are taught in Spanish.


Applications will be submitted to the April 30, 2023 23:59 through in paragraph Scholarship Talent.
In each application will be able to select a single top grade, and may not be submitted more than two applications per candidate.
Along with the application form you should refer to the following documentation in electronic format (pdf):

– Copy of the passport or identity document.

– Certification of your academic record with the card or certificate that gives you access to their enrollment in the higher grade.

– Motivation letter where indicated and/or describe the skills or talent of the student.

Selection process

The selection will be done by UNIVERSAE (from the following criteria:

– Preference of qualification in standards of access to the higher grade.

– Note average of the qualification required for access to the study of higher degree in a scale of 1 to 10.

– Preference will be given to students who prove their skills or knowledge in any of the areas related to our training offer (35 upper grades).


The resolution of award of the scholarship will be published in section Scholarships Talent, with a deadline of April 30, 2023.
Scholarship recipients will receive an individual communication in the e-mail address you have indicated in the application.
In addition to selected fellows will develop a list of substitutes to cover potential openings, or disclaimers that may occur during the procedure. The sort of alternates shall be done according to the same selection criteria.
Applicants requiring any clarification, you will be able to communicate in the email [email protected].

Obligations of the beneficiaries

– Send to email [email protected] a signed letter stating the acceptance of the grant and the conditions established by UNIVERSAE (.

– For access to studies of Higher Grade UNIVERSAE (the student must comply with the requirements of access to the enrollment of the present call.

– Once received this letter of acceptance, our admissions will be in contact with the winner to proceed to registration.

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