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FCT: Training in Work Centers

FCT: Training in Work Centers

In UNIVERSAE we work for your competitiveness and experience.

Our goal is to ensure that our students have a theoretical and practical training related to the needs and demands more current from the labour market. It is for this reason that UNIVERSAE (there are more than 20,000 agreements and collaboration agreements with companies and organizations that are more relevant in the industry; both for the conference and workshops on employability and mentoring in our campus, as well as for the realization of the TVET practices of our students.

What are TVET internships?

The TVET practices or Training in Work Centers (FCT) it is a module of additional training and curriculum integration that contains the learning outcomes of each title that should be completed in a real working environment.

These are some of the most relevant features presented in module FCT:


It is a module professional compulsory courses in all the teachings of FP: FP Basic, Medium-Grade and Top Grade.


It is a phase of practices in the real environment of the company.


In general, it is performed once all the professional modules of the training cycle.


Has the same structure the rest of the modules that make up the vocational training cycles.


Your overcoming it is mandatory to obtain any title of FP.


The activities are typical of the professional profile of the title of FP that is pursuing, and are included in a training programme.


Has only two calls for evaluation (the rest of the professional modules have four calls).


Duration this is determined in the official curriculum of each training cycle.

FP Basic: 240 hours minimum (12% of the total duration of the training cycle).
Middle grade and Top Grade: 400 hours.

Why are these important practices FP?

The practices FP or TCF are the activities related to an area of study, which allow students to practice temporarily in a real-world environment whose purpose is to gain experience and learn in a practical way, everything developed during the study of the degree of FP.

The labor practices complement the academic learning, approaching the studentin the first instance, the world of work that has to do with their future professionthrough the practice of activities that will play in the workplace.

Are the first student contact with the labour market.

It is the practical part of a learning academically consistent.

Students develop skills and attitudes for their future job.

The FP respond to real demands of employment.

Generate experience and, therefore, they begin to develop the CV of the students; which will have more career opportunities.

Students acquire new skills to face real-life situations.

According to the most recent data from the Observatory of Occupations in the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), the rate of employability of Vocational Training stood at 42.2%.

Follow-up Training in Work Centers

Our students are not alone! Feature two assigned tutors:

Guardian of practices

Professor in charge of making the follow-up and to assess the evolution of the student during their practices.

Guardian of the company

Person in charge of form and value to the student within the company.


For the improvement of the practices FCT, it will be necessary to perform the 400 hours in the work center where the student will in practice the academic knowledge acquired previouslylearning to know and relate in the business world. The evaluation consists of:

To assess the attitudes shown by the student during their stay in the company and the functions performed.

Be SUITABLE or NOT SUITABLE in the final evaluation of the course of Training in Work Centers.

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