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The Intermediate Degree in Administrative Management obtained the first position in the employability ranking last year, becoming the training cycle with the highest number of hires. Enroll and join the work market quickly.

Why enroll in UNIVERSAE's online Middle Degree in Administrative Management?

Professional opportunities of the Middle Degree in Administrative Management

Commercial administrative

Trabajar en el área oficinista de cualquier empresa. Preparar documentos y comunicaciones internas o externas, realizar gestiones administrativas de procesos comerciales, desempeñar funciones de atención al público pueden ser las tareas más habituales. Personas organizadas y metódicas serán necesarias para este puesto de trabajo.

Administrative Assistant

It is one of the jobs most in demand at present. It may require functions such as call, send and receive documents, to perform simple calculations administrative, and all tasks necessary to keep the organization in an office. If you want to become one, the Degree in Administrative Management is your VET.

Customer service clerk

Assumes the responsibility of getting a good communication between a customer and an organization. Skills: social, methodological and technological will be invaluable. Among the responsibilities, the most common for this position to provide information on the products and services of the company, as well as the assistance of interested customers.

Employee means of payment

Performs the functions offered by the bank. Tasks such as completing transactions, collections, direct, promote financial services, or open and close accounts of customers, they might be some of the functions to perform. It requires agility, numerical, good communication skills, and accountability processes.

Office assistant

Have previous experience will be a requirement to have in mind when accessing to this job, and for that the Degree of Administrative Management provides you with their practices the best insertion in the market. You need a versatile profile, capable of carrying out support tasks in the office, and learn the functions of the administrative systems, to be a key element for the proper functioning of a company or office.


La principal función del recepcionista es dar a conocer la empresa a los clientes que se dirijan a ella. Por este motivo, se requiere un perfil comprometido con sus acciones, con una comunicación excelente, capaz de transmitir los valores de la empresa. Se puede encargar de funciones como recibir a los visitantes, responsabilizarse de la seguridad y la coordinación de las llamadas, correspondencia y correos electrónicos.

Treasury Clerk

It is the figure responsible for improving the financial results of a company. It is essential to profiles who know previously the functions of a treasury department. Performs activities such as check the balances and movements of money in cash as well as reporting of cash flows.

Data Administrative Assistant

Provides various types administrative assistance depending on the characteristics of the post. This professional works the way you rearrange the databases, ensuring that they are up to date. It would be beneficial to have knowledge of basic calculation, ease of math and have knowledge of office tools.

In addition, with this Middle Degree in Administrative Management you will be able to opt for higher studies in the branch of Administration and Management that will provide you with new skills curriculum.

Continúa tu formación y potencia tu perfil profesional con las ofertas de los grados superiores en Administration and finance or Management Assistance.

Access requirements

To access a Middle Degree you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) title or an equivalent or higher accreditation for academic purposes.

Be in possession of a Basic Vocational Training qualification (FPB).

Having passed the compulsory modules of an Initial Professional Qualification Program (IPPP).

Be in possession of the title of Auxiliary Technician or equivalent or higher for academic purposes.

Have passed the entrance test for Middle Degree

Having passed the university entrance test for people over 25 years of age.


Middle Degree in Administrative Management

2,000 hours
Business communication and customer service
Business and administration
Administrative operations of purchase and sale
Accounting technique
Computer processing of information
Company in the classroom
Human Resources Administrative Operations
Training and Work Orientation
Auxiliary operations of treasury management
Processing of accounting documentation
Training in Work Centers


Grados Medios, Grados Superiores, Dobles Titulaciones y Másteres.
By the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
Learn in a virtual educational ecosystem integrating immersive technology, gamified activities and 3D simulations.
Dando respuesta a las necesidades más actuales del mercado laboral.
Enrichment and practical application of tools that help improve learning.
Apply game dynamics to achieve your goals.
Train alongside the best professionals in the sector.
A space of more than 65,000 m2 distributed between Spain and Latin America, which contributes to promoting employment through experience.
UNIVERSAE has its own first-class facilities in the main cities of each country.
Agreements with the most advanced companies in the international arena. Become one of the most demanded profiles by companies.

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